Our Story

Welcome to Singlapa Collection, where Asian art and watercolor designs come to life! Our brand is made up of two dynamic entities: Singlapa and Singlapa Studio.



Singlapa is all about creating stunning textiles with conceptual artwork inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of Asia. Our products are carefully curated to showcase just the right amount of quirk and character, with each print hand-painted using watercolor for a truly unique touch.

Singlapa Studio

Meanwhile, Singlapa Studio is the beating creative heart of Singlapa Collection. Specializing in watercolor art commissions, art classes, and workshops, our studio collaborates with selected partners to create captivating and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our Founders

At Singlapa Collection, we believe that art should be more than just something to look at. That's why we're proud to be a passion project brought to life by two incredible women. Our founders, Roong and Lovey, are both stay-at-home moms who bonded over their shared love of watercolor. Roong, a self-taught watercolorist, became an accidental entrepreneur after fans on Facebook requested her classes, while Lovey found solace in watercolor during the Covid pandemic. Over a delicious meal of Japanese curry, they decided to turn their dreams into reality and create Singlapa Collection.

So come join us on our colorful journey! Whether you're looking to add a touch of Asian art to your home or wanting to learn more about watercolor, Singlapa Collection has got you covered.