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Our Mission

At Singlapa, we are on a mission to bring the beauty and vibrancy of watercolour art into your everyday life. Our tagline isn't just a catchphrase - it's a belief we hold dear. We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and that it can add a touch of joy and inspiration to even the most mundane moments of our lives.

We have a unique appreciation for the way this medium can capture the delicate nuances of color and light. We have spent countless hours perfecting our techniques, learning how to create vivid, dynamic paintings that truly come alive on the page.

But we don't want to keep our knowledge and passion to ourselves. We believe that anyone can learn to create beautiful watercolour art, regardless of their previous experience or skill level. That's why we offer watercolour classes and workshops, designed to teach you the techniques and methods we use to bring our paintings to life.

But our love of watercolour doesn't stop there. We also use our art to create beautiful homeware products, from tote bags to tea towels. By printing our paintings onto textiles, we're able to share the beauty of watercolour with even more people, bringing a touch of artistry to their homes and daily routines.

At Singlapa, we are more than just a business - we're a community of art lovers. We're two stay-at-home mothers who started this company out of a shared love of watercolour and a desire to share that love with others. We believe that art has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform our lives, and we're dedicated to making that vision a reality, one painting and one product at a time.