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Singapore Hawker Food Greeting Card

Singapore Hawker Food Greeting Card

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Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Singapore's hawker culture with our Singapore Hawker Food Card. Featuring a mouthwatering array of iconic dishes such as succulent chicken rice, delectable chilli crab, savory bak chor mee, and more, this card is a celebration of Singapore's culinary heritage.

Printed on high-quality cardstock, our Hawker Food Card showcases colorful illustrations of each beloved dish, capturing the essence of Singapore's bustling hawker centers. Whether you're a foodie craving a taste of home or a traveler eager to experience Singapore's culinary delights, this card is sure to whet your appetite and bring a smile to your face.

Share the love of Singaporean cuisine with friends and family near and far. Whether it's a gift or a keepsake, our Singapore Hawker Food Card is a delicious reminder of the flavors that make Singapore so unique.

All patterns are printed from Singlapa’s watercolour paintings.


21 x 14.8 cm


  • Deluxe Paper (Uncoated Finish)
  • Natural finish for a softer and warmer look
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